Our Mission

We exist to bring glory to God by gracefully discipling people into lovers of Christ through biblical truths in worship, service, community, and multiplication, that we might attain the Hope of His glory.

The fuel for our
love of Christ is

We Love and Worship

We believe for every person in every place at every time, there is a purpose. We believe, confess and live our lives with the purpose to bring Glory to God.

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The overflow of our
love of Christ is

We Love and Serve

The vision of our church is to be a place where we can accept and understand God’s grace while at the same time reflecting it to others.

Volunteer Opportunities

The context for our
love of Christ is

We Love and Belong

God never intended for any of us to live the Christian life alone. We were made for relationship with God and for relationship with each other.

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The result of our
love of Christ is

We Love and Multiply

We become better disciples through love for God and love for others by equipping and empowering others to do the same.

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